CSC 222 Programming Assignments

Universal Requirements 

  1. Comments at top must
    1. Program name.
    2. Assignment number.
    3.  Your name.
    4. Date
    5. Class Number
    6. Version Number if applicable.
  2.  Each import has its own line.
  3. Everything typed nice and neat with { and }s, etc., matched up and...
  4. Each for, do, while loop, switch, class, block { --- } content indented.
  5. One item and/or assignment "=" per line (usually).
  6. JAVADOC comments before functions.
    1. Explain what the function does
    2. Explain the parameters
    3. What does the function return (if anything)
  7. All variable names should mean something.
  8. All function names should mean something.
  9. Comment whenever something tricky happens.
  10. On time or points subtracted, 1 day 5, 2 days 10, and 3 days 15
  11. Blueline will receive a zipfile
    1. This will contain the entire folder the housed your project
    2. It will contain the "" code file(s) that accomplishes the Assignment.
    3. It will contain a "" class with a public static main(String [] args) that tests the Assignment for correctness.
    4. It will contain the JAR file.
    5. It will contain the JAVADOC file(s)
  12. The Code Must Be Your Own Individual Creation.