3 areas of study

ˇ        Graphical design


ú         Minard


ˇ        Industrial design

o       functionality

o       aesthetics

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ˇ        Architectural design


            What can we learn from the other communication arts that pertain to software interface design?

ˇ        The idea of a storyboard or script which allows the FILM-maker to design the action on the screen.


ˇ        The ability of DRAMA to engage audience members through emotion and communication with the players on stage.

ˇ        The principle of "form follows function" from ARCHITECTURE.

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ˇ        The form, flow and anticipation of MUSIC.

ˇ        The structural relationships revealed in PHOTOGRAPHY.

ˇ        The aesthetics and color balance in PAINTING.

            Current GUIs are technically impressive but lack aesthetics

ˇ        Disorganization and crowding of icons

ˇ         Only a VERY GOOD picture is worth a thousand words

ˇ        Use of intense over saturated colors

            There are six major characteristics against which a viable interface can be assessed:

ˇ        Elegance and Simplicity

ˇ        Scale Contrast and Proportion

ˇ        Organization and Visual Structure

ˇ        Modularity and Unification

ˇ        Image and Representation

ˇ        Style

            The benefits of simplicity are functional as well as aesthetic in nature:

ˇ        Approachability -- rapidly comprehended and understood
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ˇ        Recognizability -- easier to remember
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ˇ        Immediacy -- need minimum conscious effort

ˇ        Usability -- eliminate unnecessary detail

            Three Examples of Design that Changes the Way Things Are

ˇ        One:

Henry Beck

ˇ        Two:

Jonathan Ive

ˇ        Three: