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Program Two

The Wumpus ...


Encapsulation is a basic principle of object oriented design. Among the tenets of encapsulation are that a class should be as complete as possible. The CaveContents class is not well encapsulated. If we look at the Planet example from Java we see than a Planet knows its mass and radius. A CaveContents.WUMPUS object should know the string "You smell an awful stench coming from somewhere nearby." Your goal is to redesign the Hunt The Wumpus program so that all strings associated with a CaveContents type are located inside the CaveContents ENUM.


Large projects require teamwork, and teamwork requires cooperation. You will work in pairs.

Team Member CaveContents

Team Member CaveMaze


I will drop both files into a complete version of the program and see if each is correct in itself and if the work together correctly.