Due Mon Mar 30.

  1. Write a PYTHON (or JAVA) program that will read in each line of the file "Split.txt"

  2. Each line in "Split.txt" looks something like
    33    Wierman, Mark J.    mjw53172        123456

  3. Write out to a text file "ToExcel.csv" the following header. Each header element is separated by a comma.

  4. Write out to the text file "ToExcel.csv" the processed data that matches the heading. Note that the line number is not output and that it is not required for a student to have a middle initial. Each element, Last, NetID, etc. should be separated with a comma.

  5. To see if you did it right, open the file "ToExcel.csv" by double clicking it. It should open as an excel spreadsheet. Everything should like nice and neat and all lined up.